InVision is a resource for organizations and communities that seek to strengthen their ability to realize their vision and mission. By deeply connecting to the needs, goals and values of our partners, clients and collaborators, we support organizations in many ways, including: 

  • Aligning structures to manifest the vision and mission of the organization
  • Strengthening interpersonal dynamics within the organization or community 
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships to the community being served
  • Creating feedback processes based in reflection and community engagement
  • Developing community care and self-care strategies 
  • Managing stress, conflict and burnout
  • Strengthening leadership capacity and integrity




Meditation and Wellness Support


InVision offers one-on-one meditation and wellness support for individuals working to support their communities. We use contemplative practices to cultivate care, resilience, and joy in your work to transform ineffective and oppressive systems into relationships and processes rooted in empathy and respect. 



Organizational Mindfulness Development, Multi-session Workshop | 3-10 sessions


This service facilitates a deeper transformation and provides sustained support for your staff and community to set and meet benchmarks related to self-care, communication, and connection. These sessions include: 

  • Introduction to fundamental mindfulness, meditation and reflection practices
  • Sustainable self-care routines for individuals, organizations, and communities
  • Strategies to incorporate meditative and reflective practices into work and home life
  • Connecting and supporting the vision and intentions of individuals and communities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mindful communication strategies
  • Empowered leadership from the Inside Out
  • Deepening the culture of individual and organizational authenticity and integrity 

Organizational Mindfulness Development, Multi-session Workshop | 3-10 sessions Meditation, Communication, and Community Retreats [Half-Day and Full Day] 


We offer team and organizational retreats  to integrate self-care and build capacity for the skillfully handling of challenges in day-today operations. The retreat experience includes:

  • Introduction to fundamental mindfulness, meditation and reflection practices
  • Connecting to thought and emotion to enable effective communication 
  • Integrating meditative and reflective practices into the workplace

Offsite Retreats [2-4 days]

In our offsite retreats, we guide individuals and clients in the alignment of their personal development with organizational vision. We focus on building a foundation of wellness through the healing and transformative experience of being in nature. 

Surrounded by the lush environment of a rural retreat center, participants will explore walking meditation along trails, somatic and embodied practices under the canopy of tall trees, and creative strategy sharing to support the sustainability and wellness of self, organization, and community. 

The retreat program is co-designed by stakeholders to ensure that the process meets the participants where they are with deep compassion, accessibility, and creativity.

Please contact us for further information so that we may create an offering to support you and your organization. We can be reached at